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Since its beginning, the Church of God has been a movement" a moving church with a mission of ministry to the world. In this new millennium, God is leading the Church of God as a global movement prepared to meet the demands and challenges of ministry in the 21st century.

The Church of God consists of people just like you. Every person who attends our congregation is recognized as a valuable member of the church body. About the Church of God presents a concise ministry review of the Church of God, its programs and ministries. If after visiting this site you should have any questions or inquiries about the Church of God or its programs and ministries, please don't hesitate to contact the Church of God.


Church Of God (Full Gospel), Dubai, is a part of the "Church Of God", worldwide with the international office in Cleveland, Tennessee, USA. Our Church was formed in Dubai 30 years ago. It was a very small humble beginning. Over the years, by the grace of God, the church has grown to the present day strength. This church was instrumental in building up the spiritual life of many in the UAE. It continues to do so even now. It is church that cares. It encourages the members to lead a spirit filled life pleasing to the Lord. At present God almighty has entrusted the day to day management to a team  lead by Pr. Biju B Joseph  and team of executive committee.


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Y.P.E (Young People's Endeavor)

Y.P.E (Young People's Endeavor) is another important part of the church. This is a fellowship of the youngsters of the Church Of God, Dubai. It inspires and challenges the youth to live a holy life, acceptable to the Lord. Y.P.E also acts as the platform for the youth to exhibit their talents and ideas. Y.P.E motivates the young generation to grow in Christ and be fruitful Christians. 

The Y.P.E conducts it's meetings on alternate Thursdays in the Holy Trinity Church, Dubai. The youngsters present various programs and activities for the glory of God. These are very enriching gatherings. 

There is a very young and active team of members (The Y.P.E committee) who are in charge of the various activities of the Y.P.E. This group is guided by the Senior Pastor of the Church, Pastor. Biju B Joseph 



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Scripture School

The Scripture School (Sunday school) is an important organ of the Church. It focuses on spiritual growth and development of the children, helping them to walk according to the will of God.

 It also helps them to keep high moral standards in their personal lives based on sound Christian Doctrines. Our Scripture School provides systematic lessons of the scripture which suites the level of understanding of each age group. It helps build Christian fellowship among the children.

 We have a dedicated group of teachers for the Scripture School. They consider teaching the children the word of god as yet another way of serving the Lord. This group is headed by Br. Ninan P. Daniel and functions under the guidance of the Pastors of the Church. The classes are conducted in the Holy Trinity Church premises, every Friday.



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  • New Academic Year 2019

    Scripture School new academic year began on January 25th Friday. Pastor Biju B Joseph opened new session wi ...

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Psalm 53:2 God looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God. —Psalm 53:2

Are you a "God-seeker"? Through much of history, especially when things are going well or in times of great wickedness, God has not found many who seek after him. But he's looking! He's searching! It matters to him! Just as God walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day before sin destroyed their relationship, God longs to walk with us. But he's looking for those whose hearts are yearning for his presence in their lives. So let's yearn!