About YPE

Y.P.E (Young People's Endeavor) is another important part of the church. This is a fellowship of the youngsters of the Church Of God, Dubai. It inspires and challenges the youth to live a holy life, acceptable to the Lord. Y.P.E also acts as the platform for the youth to exhibit their talents and ideas. Y.P.E motivates the young generation to grow in Christ and be fruitful Christians. 

The Y.P.E conducts it's meetings on alternate Thursdays in the Holy Trinity Church, Dubai. The youngsters present various programs and activities for the glory of God. These are very enriching gatherings. 

There is a very young and active team of members (The Y.P.E committee) who are in charge of the various activities of the Y.P.E. This group is guided by the Senior Pastor of the Church, Pastor. Biju B Joseph